About Us

Who are the tarasco/as?

The Tarascans were the early inhabitants of Michoacán.  Early Tarascans were farmers and fishermen but with time, these gifted people also became skilled craftswomen/men in various art forms including, but not limited to, metalworking, pottery, and jewelry making. Today, many families in Michoacán still embody the creative know-how and inventiveness of their ancestors.

Tarascas HTX

Tarascas HTX is a mother-daughter duo of hustlers. The pair combine years of knowledge and experience along with innovative ideas to make events and products meaningful.



Olga Farias-Reyes

Olga Farias is a self-taught apparel designer, seamstress, pastry chef and artisan with an eye for detail. She immigrated to the United States (1990) from Michoacán, Mexico to Houston, Texas where she raised her two sons, Rodolfo and Alan, and her only daughter, Iveth.  Olga’s guiding principle in life is "do it with love or not at all” and it is reflected in all of her work.


Iveth Reyes-Luna

Iveth Reyes is a mental health professional, now focused on blending cultural content into her creative aspirations. She is a graduate of the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, though Iveth attributes everything she knows to her mother. Born in Michoacán, Mexico and raised in Houston, Iveth strives to share her love for all things Mexican with the new city she calls home.